The memories of Pakistan and Gujranwala are fading slowly. That was not the trip of a lifetime. Nevertheless, despite the lack of freedom, the ill-health, the problems with accommodation and the food; the training courses went very well, which is what we were there for, and the team members both visiting (us) and national were excellent (not just us). A short time after, one of the participants communicated her gratitude saying that she had obtained some equipment and drugs as used and recommended on the course and was having good results with them. She appreciated the efforts of all in helping her save lives.

Mafia island

Mafia island

That was 6 weeks ago and fortunately the Tanzania course was delayed for a month allowing sufficient time for recovery, family, work and refuelling before flying off again. Mafia is an island off the Tanzanian coast of 400 square km with 40,000 inhabitants relying mostly on fishing, and some scuba diving tourists. No prizes for guessing what the main meals will be.

I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends (Ahmed Ahmed alias Bob, and Madam Malingumu amongst others) and some new vistas, and to a little adventure/relaxation if we can squeeze some in around the usual busy course schedule. Hopefully the natives will prove friendly and will not be competing with Sicily for reputation.

We fly into the dirt airstrip of the principal town, Kilindoni, on Wednesday. The small hospital is situated here and I guess the training venue will be too. The hotel on the other hand is in the Marine Park area of the island, one of two suitable hotels intended for tourists and providing all the usual holiday facilities. That’s the only accommodation that could be found. None of us are complaining.

After two courses with one rest day we fly back to the mainland where I hope to meet up with Hilary to travel to South West Tanganyika to visit the parish of Milo in Ludewa District which has recently been twinned with Bala.

If there is a decent WiFi then there should be news from time to time, and who knows? Perhaps the odd photo.



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4 responses to “Mafia

  1. Christine Sansom

    what adventures you have – I am envious – but did not have sufficient experience to join the teams! They would have had me but I chickened out.

  2. Don’t underestimate your contribution to Caring for China’s Children. You have the privilege and satisfaction of visiting the same projects many times. That commitment and continuity is really valuable.

  3. Safari njema!
    Please pass on a big hello to Bob and Mama M!
    Looking forward to lots of photos, including of the airfield!
    Sophia X

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