Silk and stone

Sorting silk cocoons

Sorting silk cocoons

From the mulberry bush to the kramar, the whole silk process is explained and clearly demonstrated in the wonderful Silk Farm outside Siem Reap where many local young people have a golden opportunity to learn as apprentices and to gain proficiency in the various stages of preparing silk thread and products, and so to a stable career and a living wage. We enjoyed our visit and came away lighter in the pocket and heavier in the shopping bag. It was an interesting and deceptively gentle start to our holiday together.

Glad of a seat

Glad of a seat

The next three days were much more challenging. The three-day ticket for the price of two entices visitors to immerse themselves in the archeological marathon experience that is the legacy of the old Angor Empire, once stretching through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. We visited eight sites on day 1 concluding with sunset on Bakaeng Mountain, walked through the forest to the riverbed carvings in the Kulen Hills and Banteay Srey temple on day 2, and collapsed after lunch on day 3 having risen for sunrise at Angkor Wat, followed by a visit to the central temples of Angkor Thom, a typical tourist diet.

Rooted to the spot

Rooted to the spot

Now we have this out of our system we can relax a little more except that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve so we will be awake late though we will see our beds several hours before Europe and Costa Rica.

So here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year celebration and God be with you in 2013!


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