Tanzania Trip

It’s cold and wet in North Wales at the moment…

St Asaph and Ruthin have had serious flooding, the dog is wet and muddy after his walks, the car needs washing every few days and we’ve had our first frosts. Time to head off for some warmer, drier weather with an LSTM team to Tanzania.

Emirates excels even in economy class and with Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, showers in Dubai (not the weather this time) and courier service on arrival in Dar, it’s been a reasonably civilised journey. The transfer to the Blue Pearl Hotel was smooth enough apart from the short cut (beware that beguiling expression) where everyone wanted to cross the single track river bridge from both directions at the same time.

The plan is to stay in Dar es Salaam for the first week and train in Kibaha 30km west of the city (travelling against the rush hour traffic  in both directions thankfully) and then fly via Mwanza to Bukoba on Lake Victoria for the second week. The course content is once again life-saving skills for doctors and midwives caring for women in childbirth and for newborn babies. I’ll try and keep the post updated for the next 15 days.

So it’s 32 degrees C here today. We’ve been warned about the mosquitos too – mefloquine, DEET and bug socks will be deployed – because the rainy season has started.

Yes, it’s hot and wet in Tanzania at the moment…



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3 responses to “Tanzania Trip

  1. Teddy

    Wow Adrian! You are definitely circling the globe! Not sure which is better – hot and wet in Tanzania or cold and wet in England/Wales. At least there isn’t a mosquito problem in E/W. It’s raining here in Cyprus today, not too cold and definitely no mossies. Trust it will be a successful and fruitful visit.

  2. Cath

    Eek! Take care and have a wonderful adventure. And travel with a net!

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