Two down …

Where on earth is Tom?

Fresh camel

We had 30 minutes warning of a dinner engagement and Tom was nowhere to be found. Losing faculty members seems to be our forte! We tried his room several times, each episode of knocking and calling louder than the one before. In the end our transport was due and we were concerned not to leave without him, at least not without knowing he was OK. Hotel security accompanied us to his room and we unlocked the door to find it empty, not in bed or in the bathroom, we were tempted to try the wardrobe but it seemed unlikely that he would climb inside and fall asleep, shutting the doors behind him. Back at reception they suddenly remembered they had seen someone sleeping in the lounge, and there he was, flat out on a sofa. He revived enough to agree to come, and off we went to try out the camel steaks at the Ambassador Hotel.

Tilt the head back to open the airway ...

So now we have completed course number two. Another 28 trainees of varying experience and ability learning, refreshing and practicing their knowledge and skills to prevent mothers and babies dying through childbirth. We are always seeking new ways to communicate and make relevant the important messages. The gerenuug is a great illustration of the extension of the head required to open the airway in a collapsed adult, and the cave paintings are a wonderful reminder to document what was found and done, after all good records last for thousands of years.



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2 responses to “Two down …

  1. Teddy

    Good to see you haven’t lost your Adrian sense of humour. 🙂

  2. Betty Rowlands

    Snow was back again yesterday and the wind really cold,but we ventured to church as we have not been for a couple of months.It was nice to get back into the fold! It seems you are having a busy time,and I hope the benefit of your efforts will be good to the people of Somalialand.Best of luck and safe journey around the places you are visiting.Best regards from us .Betty.

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