Pastures new

Inspired by a net gain in blog readership of one, the near-completion of my report on the Cambodian hospital findings and the imminence of my departure for a new destination, I am compelled to put finger to keyboard again.

It has been a slog ‘cleaning’ and making sense of the data and even now I doubt the report will be intelligible to many.  Once it meets approval it may require translation into French.  Who could do that I wonder?  I have been racing to complete because there are pressing commitments and I need to focus attention on the next trip.  I would have been in Ethiopia now except for my change of mind while in Cambodia last, and I have been home alone as a result, since my dear wife continued with her plans to visit Costa Rica this month.  Alone aside from the dog that is, and now he has gone to stay with friends to leave me a day to pack for Somaliland.

Not the most favoured tourist destination in Africa, one of Ethiopia’s neighbours but hardly an ally, in common with Sub-Saharan Africa, it has great need of nurse midwives equipped with life-saving skills for women in childbirth and newborn babies.  I join a team from the UK and Somaliland to deliver relevant training.  I attended a day for trainers in London and volunteered to fill the remaining place on this trip at rather short notice – I don’t think it’s a popular destination amongst professionals either.

So after yellow fever and meningococcal vaccines to complete my required quota and after my first dose of anti-malarials, I am recovering from a bug which I would like to blame on the vaccine but as long as it clears before I fly, I don’t much care where it came from.  There has been drought in the horn of Africa lately so I’m not sure that ‘pastures new’ describes this venture well, but for me it is a new departure which I hope will lead to more of the same, with the satisfaction of working with an experienced team and delivering something positive and valuable in a relatively short time, without the disruption to family and social life that 3 month trips create.

I’ll let you know if it works out that way, God willing, in the weeks ahead.

And thanks to all who follow the blog and remember me on my travels.  I appreciate your support and interest very much!



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4 responses to “Pastures new

  1. Betty Rowlands

    All the best on this new trip Adrian,will be waiting to hear all about the venture.Good luck!

  2. Annabel

    Wishing you a worthwhile, safe and healthy trip to Somaliland
    St John’s Cynwyd

  3. Editor’s note: (that’s me!) Putting the record straight. Hilary went to Costa Rica with my blessing and full approval! My wording suggests a tone of sarcasm which is neither felt nor intended.

  4. Teddy

    Well done, Adrian, for continuing to step out. I’m sure your expertise and knowledge will be much valued and appreciated. Look forward to reading the new blogs. Every blessing. Teddy

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