Have lost my email account in the past 24-48 hours.  Not sure how.  Tried sending large attachments to Katjia in Oxford maybe did it.  Have deleted all unsent outgoing messages with no success.  Unable to access btyahoo on usual email address logon and password.  All well.  Moved Guest House because no water.  Leaving SR for Battambang 7.30am Tuesday.  Have tried texting no success.  I get txt from HSM mobile OK but not sure if my reply was received. Comments on this site will work as replies but are seen by all so family be wise but I would like to know you get this message. A x



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  1. Hilary

    That’s why I haven’t had a reply to my email!! You could try using my BTYahoo account – my email address and enwtyein yn Saesneg. I’ll send my emails to myself then you can read them too!
    I got your text by the way 🙂

  2. Hilary

    I have reset your BT account and you should be able to access it on the BTYahoo site now using the password you have always had. I will text it to you 🙂

  3. Got your txt. No joy yet despite password. Will try your email tomorrow. x

  4. Hilary

    Not sure what you mean by the code panel to block automated diallers…

    • I enter email, then password, then a field comes up which asks me to read the letters and numbers I see, those distorted characters that only humans can decipher. I enter those and it reverts to the email and password box again to say something is invalid. The internet access now I am in Battambang is poor because so many people in the office here use it. It’s lunch now and I am accessing internet but not email yet. I arrived an hour before lunch. We start work at 2pm in 15 mins. love xx Please send any messages this way for now.

  5. Cath

    Good luck with the technology problems! All is well here, except for strong winds, which are not unusual this time of year. Thinking of you!

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