Two down…

It’s been an amazing week in Haute-Savoie.  We skied Flaine and Samoens and then on the last sunny morning the 14 km run down to Sixt was open and we bombed down there.  There were only a few minor incidents all week – mainly on the ‘white-out days’ when earth and sky, bumps and boundaries merge into one vague featureless slope with bodies above, below and either side moving in various directions and speeds and every now and then falling over or colliding – that is, apart from The Great Wipeout on the last day.  That happened in the Fun Park when a gungho leap over a moderate jump ended with a spreadeagled body careering down hill in a cloud of snow shedding various bits of clothing and equipment but otherwise remaining surprisingly intact.  It was my son, not me, I’m glad to report.  I’m also pleased to say he’s fine – sadly the photo shows only the glorious leap before the disasterous fall, but we all thought it was worth it! (Well, Nathan and I did…)

Apart from the skiing it’s been a profitable week.  I learned how to sleep whatever the distraction.  I learned How to Train Your Dragon.  I learned some more Khmer.  I’m still learning How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog.  I also learned a new trick – eat Reblochon cheese and take it home in your luggage – it disguises the smell of socks and people that haven’t been washed very often.

Now I’m home and had a shower and the clothes are in the washing machine.  I’m thankful to have all my bones intact, so that’s two down and one to go…  Tomorrow the packing starts in earnest.  And fixing the leaky stopcock.  And hanging the Roman blinds.  And putting the fittings on the bedroom door.  And clearing the garage.  And the last vaccinations.  For VSO has supplied the flight details at last and it’s off to London Tuesday to catch a Malaysian Airways flight via Kuala Lumpur on the morning of 2nd March.

Meanwhile on Sunday evening a Grand Farewell was staged in Eglwys Crist Y Bala and amid great hilarity and embarrassment, friends from church, youth club and Rotary sent me on my way with wine, Welsh cakes and witty comments.  We sang and prayed and I was blessed!  Diolch yn fawr iawn Pobl y Cwmni!  Thanks too for the generosity of so many who wish to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate and less healthy than ourselves.  You are wonderful people, I shall miss you all but I shall take a part of you with me and I’ll do my best to keep you posted!

Now for two nights in my own bed with no little wriggling beasties … zzzzzzz! Ah!



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5 responses to “Two down…

  1. Hugh G. Emsley

    Bon voyage. All the very best for your adventure in Cambodia. Please keep the blogs coming Barbara and I are looking forward to following your activities.

  2. Linda Wildsmith

    Hi Adrian
    The blog is great! So glad you are in one piece!!! Have a great trip and take good care. We will be thinking of you.
    Love and very best wishes
    Linda and Ken

  3. Dorothi

    Hia, Sut mae pethau? Brill to read of what is happening up to now.
    Hope you have found your toothbush.
    Busy day at Church yesterday. Family Service went well. Children acted being sheep dressed with masks made by Olga an Chas! Wyn and Katrina were the shepherds and a Tyddyn Du lamb was the lost sheep rescued by Wyn!
    Look forward to the next installment.

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